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Sunday, March 03, 2013


catching snowflakes
catching snowflakes by mike.421

Great Grey Owl - (Strix nebulosa) - Elma, Manitoba
Great Grey Owl - (Strix nebulosa) - Elma, Manitoba by sursohog1 – John

Jabiru Stork Flying
Jabiru Stork Flying by masaiwarrior

Hypopyrrhus pyrohypogaster (Red-bellied Grackle/Cacique candela)
Hypopyrrhus pyrohypogaster (Red-bellied Grackle/Cacique candela) by PriscillaBurcher

Turdus fuscater female (Great Thrush)
Turdus fuscater female (Great Thrush) by PriscillaBurcher

'on the ground'
'on the ground' by d-lilly (catching up)

Great Egret
Great Egret by Lana Gramlich

Reflection 01 [IMG_5913]
Reflection 01 [IMG_5913] by Massimo&StefaniaRavera

Turdus ignobilis (Black-billed Thrush)
Turdus ignobilis (Black-billed Thrush) by PriscillaBurcher

Melanerpes formicivorus (acorn woodpecker/carpintero payaso)
Melanerpes formicivorus (acorn woodpecker/carpintero payaso) by PriscillaBurcher

Hypopyrrhus drying his feathers
Hypopyrrhus drying his feathers by PriscillaBurcher

Tricolored Heron Fight
Tricolored Heron Fight by Lana Gramlich

Swan on The River Medway
Swan on The River Medway by john47kent

Tangara heinei female-juvenile- (Black-capped Tanager)
Tangara heinei female-juvenile- (Black-capped Tanager) by PriscillaBurcher

Southern Screamer
Southern Screamer by masaiwarrior

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle by Lana Gramlich

Tender love
Tender love by PriscillaBurcher

Not an eagle, but a Black-shouldered Kite. Namibia.
Not an eagle, but a Black-shouldered Kite. Namibia. by ronmcbride66

Crow Portrait
Crow Portrait by jlst2i

'clear view'
'clear view' by d-lilly (catching up)

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