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Monday, October 26, 2009

Competition winner

The winner of our "Rural Decay" contest is Come in, The Door Is Open... by Lynette_Henderson. Congratulations!

Stunning views

Macau Tower in the Mist by Alexander I.

Colores de la Mancha (II) by kamandula


Antártida Argentina by Sussy.A.L.

Incan Treasure (Machu Picchu) by Butch Osborne

Monument by Frans Persoon

loch carron. by gordie broon.

Autumn's Golden Glow by Allard One

Pasir Ris Park by Dannie Tj. - 李泉亮

Landscape by kruhme

KRK Sunset I by Simon.Stickel


"Enchanteur..." by jeanmical

Another Sunday Morning by Allen Gathman

Ottawa River by ViaMoi

Pontsticill watering hole by John the Neath

Le phare by solea20

2008_12_26 - Changi Boardwalk 03 by J-Rie

Ilunsentia Saibigainen / Atardecer en Saibigain by Jabi Artaraz

Plongeoir vers l'oubli / Diving board towards the forgetting by REMY SAGLIER - DOUBLERAY

On The Rocks by zxof.rey

La tour de l'église by maphler

Gross Gerau old road by Spangles44

South Gap Stock Yards by Zonifer Lloyd

Serra do Lopo by Ari Lobo

Ice and Boat House by Vermont Lenses

This Old Shack 1 by gmp1993

The Keyhole Laguna Beach by Brent Howe

Clearwater beach by Stuart Stevenson

Estructura by Estebanhotmail2009 + Gripe

Genesis by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold

The man who can't be moved by Lewosky

La sentinelle by solea20

Saltburn Pier by Mark Bowler

Monday, October 19, 2009


31 DeSoto by swainboat

You've got to leave the past behind before you can move forward by BlueLily (aka Bladerunner)

mystic railroads 1 by arnab_sarkar

Airport Walkway In Detroit by ~Terrie K~

Fietser by ART-Cooperation.com

The Shakespeare Express (2007) by Kieran H

Sunset - TyTyri, Finlandia/Finland by Claudio.Ar

BAe-146-300 by Dag Sverre

No hiding... by Flakkers

Monday, October 12, 2009

Competition winner

The winner of our "Curves" contest is Aspiration by tristanlb. Congratulations!

The force and beauty of nature

Waterfall at Yosemite by GMills31

Light in the Mist by ~Terrie K~

autumn by Geir Drabløs

The Narrows Hike 1 by Kal04nia

Emotion by alyschyk

378_2008 by jimpg2

Fall Serenity by ~Terrie K~

Elegant Elowah by Darrell Wyatt

At the entrance of Grotta Verde... by Megara Liancourt


Cielos y campos de la pampa Argentina 14 / Skies and fields from Argentina's pampa 14 by Claudio.Ar

Spring by Nik Zach

untitled by francescopedicini

trying something new 1 / Place: Salto del Laja, Chile. Enero-2008 by Camila .-

Inerzia by © Graziano Rinna

Projecting Window by mark willocks

Coastal 01 by Nomick

Great Sand Dunes National Park by GMills31

Sólsetur við Lagarfljót by Styrmir Kári

Mossy Drive by David Markman

Tajor Waterfall by NeilsPhotography

Kälte im Tal by mikiitaly

Wine Country by JAS_photo

Bella Vida by JAS_photo

Turkey Foot Falls by gatorinsc / Jeff Schreier

Crow Creek Falls by JLMphoto

Cold Mountain by Matt(ikus)

everything has its own beauty by jimpg2

symmetry by gordie broon.

Feel The Wind by Crikit (Lori G)

Outflow From Loch in Strathclyde Park by silverlarynx

Iceberg at Tracy Arms, AK by moelynphotos

Kauai by EdBob


Everglades by chaunceydavis818

Elgol Rainbow. Isle of Skye. SCOTLAND. by photosecosse

Hole In The Wall Beach #2 - Davenport, Calfiornia by Jim Patterson Photography

Greyhound Rock, Take 3 - Swanton, California by Jim Patterson Photography

IMG_2785 by sanovich

Pyramid Lake by Beatrix MV

Lake Huron in Winter 1 by Conrad Kuiper

The Arch by William Bullimore

free flow by nonoi

Natural Shadows by Models & Nature

Sardegna by elly-tata

Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquility of a lovely sunset. Ann landers by syzygy

Long birdy wave by Alex Matos

Millcreek by DA1821

Last week in a green wood by tine krogh

Sunday by Holyirishman

Spring 2 by Nik Zach

!Flood by srijankundu

em movimento (II) by |prm|

Pink Morning by -Ane-

The River of Kukkasjoki by markku mestila

Lake Reflections - Klein Gerau by Spangles44

A Walk in the Woods by ga clicker

Bamboo island by wilfried.b

Swatara Falls by TheJohnnyKing

Atlantis by shamansarman

At Bay by steeladw

Rock sings to the moon by Sergio Tudela

contraluz en la laguna by soy sissi

Falling from the sky by Bianca Vlaic

A vol d'oiseau by solea20

Leque by Nuno S.Sousa

Paisaje Castellano by kypt@nuy

Wake Up! by GSHIII

3545 Long Pond by steeljam

Gullfoss (HDR remake from old photo) by SigHolm

The Sun Dies Over the Tarn by Martin_Finlayson

Weston Quarry Garden by .The Oracle.

loch eil reflections. by gordie broon.

A very close look at 7 Pups on a very thorny Prickly Pear Cactus paw by jungle mama

Gold Rush 金色浪潮 01 by Sunrise@dawn

Salar de Antofalla by soy sissi

Magnetismo solar / Solar magnetism by Anziaz

... my country in june by mOnsterbUg1

into the light by moe chen