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Monday, July 20, 2009

June Contest Winner

The winner of our June Contest "Macros" is Red Winged Dragonfly by ~Terrie K~. Congratulations!

Damn bugs! (or: Damn! Bugs!)

Not for the fainthearted, since not everyone likes these little critters.
Oh, and I've misused the word 'bug' a little. In this post you will find all kinds of little beasties: butterflies, wasps, dragonflies, but also spiders (who are not technically insects, you see).

Dragonfly inspects lunch by ~Terrie K~

macro: sur le fil / on the edge by Val.M.photographie

Cabbage-moth-at-dusk by Lizzycon

Macro: watching by Val.M.photographie

Bee's Tongue by Darren Post

Calopteryx vierge mâle by gille33

comma (do you remember summer?!) by opal's mum

Pink With Butterfly by ShinsanBC

butterfly by jimpg2_PEACE

First Butterfly of 2009 by rickm FL

mariposa by jimpg2_PEACE

E.T. ~ What else? by kittymax

Waiting for the spring... by Dziobak (=Platypus)

Good lunch... by Gattou/Lucie

Caterpillar of Thyria Jacobaea by Harry-Harms

monarch on milkweed (explored) by Celeste M

green butterfly by ]Griffin[ علي عبدالرحمن

Mosca en Euphorbia polygona by vega*

el fin de la monarca by soy sissi

Perched Fly by mplonsky

Red Winged Dragonfly by ~Terrie K~

How do we get to those blue mountains? by a galaxy far, far away...

Monday, July 06, 2009

Damn! It's nice at night

Piazza del Plebiscito Napoli by -Patric

Wainhouse Tower, Halifax by dlsmith

The Cat And Kitten Statue by Schristia

All You Have To Do Is Fall In Love by Tommy Bass

Sand ... by amberline.anatine

Pastando II / Grazing II by Claudio.Ar

Corvus corone, Hooded crow in moonlight by markku mestila

Bell of Friendship by insomniax2007


Colosseum by andrei.olariu

Moonlit Home in Winter by Graphik Nature

Cityscape by Antti-Jussi Liikala

Réflexions à Honfleur by solea20

Night Light by shertila

Enlightened by south of the metro

Severn Bridge at Night by Martin_Finlayson