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Saturday, December 31, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small.

006e walking scrub brush
006e walking scrub brush by jjjj56cp

Pacific Sea Nettle  IMG_3804
Pacific Sea Nettle IMG_3804 by Kathmary

Little spider. [Explore #422] 26/10/11
Little spider. [Explore #422] 26/10/11 by cobby31

The Boys
The Boys by My_Minds_Eye

Frontline by anguila40

Young Elephant - Big Ears by masaiwarrior

Here's Looking @ You Kid
Here's Looking @ You Kid by Enjoy the journey...Not the Destination~

Pacific Sea Nettle IMG_3807 by Kathmary

Tika and Gunny Romp in the Surf at Maverick's
Tika and Gunny Romp in the Surf at Maverick's by MyRidgebacks - Sharon C Johnson

_DSC8556 by mary~lou

Late Afternoon Palm Tree Landing
Late Afternoon Palm Tree Landing by Patricia Ware

Kokanee, Catch of the Day ~Explored~ by My_Minds_Eye

Ok... I'm Going.!!!!!
Ok... I'm Going.!!!!! by weeminimags

The Regal Eagle
The Regal Eagle by My_Minds_Eye

Common Kingfisher (10)
Common Kingfisher (10) by Andy_LYT

vigilando by soy sissi

Egret in Flight
Egret in Flight by salnel

Short Eared Owl
Short Eared Owl by My_Minds_Eye

Looking at you looking at me.
Looking at you looking at me. by Andy Short

Dogfish by john47kent

Cardinal by billkominsky 

American Avocet
American Avocet by mghornak

Swan With An Attitude !!
Swan With An Attitude !! by weeminimags

Sometimes I feel small and vunerable.
Sometimes I feel small and vunerable. by Patricia Ware

Cogito Ergo Sum
Cogito Ergo Sum by sole.r

Two halves make a whole by louise peters (mostly off until 2012)

Moments Like This Are Rare by metherit...learning more day after day

Eurasian Golden Oriole
Eurasian Golden Oriole by ArpanSaha

Rufous Treepie
Rufous Treepie by ArpanSaha

Which one will I have??
Which one will I have?? by salnel

Inverted Dive by soccersc

The Boss by My_Minds_Eye

gracious landing
gracious landing by alexandros9

Rambo by Bogger3

i enjoy my lunch
i enjoy my lunch by alexandros9

3-2-1  Launch
3-2-1 Launch by My_Minds_Eye

Black-headed Oriole
Black-headed Oriole by Luke Horsten

Juvenile Bald Eagle in the Big Blue
Juvenile Bald Eagle in the Big Blue by My_Minds_Eye

Inquisitive Eagle by My_Minds_Eye

Young Eagle
Young Eagle by My_Minds_Eye

Golden Day
Golden Day by Logans Heros

Huskey Train
Huskey Train by Redeyes1966

Harrier Hawk Female by billkominsky 

Head-to-Head by zain-photography

Allen's Hummingbird
Allen's Hummingbird by Patricia Ware

Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus)
Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus) by Lip Kee

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Earth Tones

sun by MedoRRa

Wheat in golden Evening Light
Wheat in golden Evening Light by Batikart

Teasel Comb Sunset by Mlparr61

Marakoopa Cave - Explored 12.8.2011 #479 by Kanga2011

Nineteen Neunzehn 19 XIX by RainerSchuetz

Seventeen Siebzehn 17 XVII by RainerSchuetz

Space to feel by Inatil

Untitled by Peterzpham

Autumn! by nikjanssen

A pot of gold in their garden? by odell_rd

Castle Varrich. ( Caisteal Bharraich ) by gordie broon.

Garden Of The Gods 8, Colorado by sethgoldstein72

A "Before you go, can you just ........" to many by john47kent

#47 ~ Bokeh by Kathy Froilan

Dovedale by philipelton50

Monument Valley, Arizona by WPK1054

Around The Corner by Kanga2011

Driving In by Kanga2011

Polychrome Glory by Hoss Photon

Autumn Shroom by My_Minds_Eye

Hike 4 - Valle de Benasque / Posets by WeatherMaker

Geevor Tin Mine(1),Pendeen, Cornwall by john47kent

Gewone zwavelkop - Sulphur Tuft (Psilocybe fascicularis) by Leon van der Veen

Storm Clouds - Explored 20.11.2011 by Kanga2011

Post by zircon100

Regent Street by Hartlepool Monkey!

Filets mignons by Solea20

Allez.. viens.. je te raccompagne à travers les rues mortes by Solea20

.. fading in the fog ... by MargoLuc

Autumn Leaves. by Picture post.

Pincushion by SpitMcGee

stone bridge in Epirus by alexandros9

Another Day Ends by john47kent

College Gate , formerly Cemetery Gate and afterwards Chertseys Gate (1) by john47kent

College Gate , formerly Cemetery Gate and afterwards Chertseys Gate (2) by john47kent

Mr.Topes by john47kent

Snowing Again by Kanga2011

Peace and Quiet by john47kent

Colours of November by RainerSchuetz

Vers le rivage.. by Solea20

graceful animal by alexandros9

Sobreiros (VIII) by Transmontano

The Postcard - Explored 6.12.2011 by Kanga2011

It's gone to P.C. Heaven! by john47kent

Stonehenge by Saberlynx

It's a loooong way down! by john47kent

Reflected Mountain and Pines. by gordie broon.

Foothills by Kanga2011

Golden glowing aspens with reds and greens... Colorado's fall spectacle! by toryporter

Volcanic Valley by Len Langevin

Beinn,on a cold morning by weeminimags

Let's Fly over the Sun! by Patricia Ware

......down by the sea. by JoPoBePo

after the rain by tarotosh

Funeral party by RainerSchuetz