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Monday, January 25, 2010

Competition winner

The winner of our "Boats/ships" contest is Sjark utenfor Storelva by ArcticShooter. Congratulations!

Let me tell you...

...about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.
How old do you have to be to know that song?
Anyway, this post is about birds, bees (or rather, insects), flowers and trees. :-)

once upon a time !!!!! by picolojojo

Birches 2 by scbp

Abeja Volando!!! by Richard Portmann Lorenzo (TAURI)

Clouded Yellow Butterfly by ~Terrie K~

2010 predictions from ... beyond by bridgy2008

African Fish Eagle by Wild Dogger

I have not had my hand amputated but have found an ingenuous devide for photographing roses.A piece of stick by john47kent

Kingfisher xmas by Peter Muks

And Then It Appeared! by FreeSpirit5

Le chemin de halage (2) by ©JL62

Wing tip by lindazFlickr

Flower by Shrinis

Common Buckeye by DrPhotoMoto

acariciadas pelo sol by gilxxl

Kingfisher by EDD07

Dreamy Dasiy by linlaw39

untitled by surinamensis2000

See Forever Eyes by amillionwalks

Dew covered brilliant orange striped Shell Ginger and a glistening visiting bee by jungle mama

Come-Sway-With-Me........... by Natures Haven Studios

Monday, January 18, 2010

Competition winner

The winner of our "Lighthouse" contest is Smeaton Tower by T_I_N_A. Congratulations!

Where there's water, there is life

After the rain by zxof.rey

...one vision... by kypt@nuy

Reflections by Stephanie Patricia

The End by namida -

droma reflections. by gordie broon.

Feliz diá de Reyes. by Pilar Azaña

Les pieds dans l'eau by Solea20

Sunset-Genova by Fari & photography

Wasdale by Steeve Lane

Waves and Splash by Estrella Esteve

Fire and Ice by soccersc

Autumn on the Avon by Dave Roberts3

GOLDEN DATING TIME by daydreamph

San Juan in blue by kypt@nuy

Molokai Morning by JayPatelPhotography

el sol y el reflejo by soy sissi

Y by |pmr|

A night by Inatil

last warm glow of a winter afternoon by chri.spins

Cathedral Rocks by lozzmann

Pendeen Coastline ,Cornwall by john47kent


Luang Prabang Sunset by JRaptor

Mirror Mirror, tell me who is.... by Sverrir Thor

Schwabacher's Landing 1 by David Morse

Metalic Sea by MyRidgebacks

It's a new day!!! by frida!!!

Switzerland - Luzern's Lake by mr_sandro1