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Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Have Four Legs

Walking by (Explored)
Walking by (Explored) by Håkon Kjøllmoen

OUTstanding! by Jishnu Nandy

The Dark Side
The Dark Side by Håkon Kjøllmoen

Come on Down
Come on Down by ChicagoBob46

A River Teifi Otter..
A River Teifi Otter.. by Andy Short

373e a walk on the wild side
373e a walk on the wild side by jjjj56cp

Together we stand!
Together we stand! by Jan 130

Jaguar 62
Jaguar 62 by mishaleppert

Leap of faith.
Leap of faith. by Pete 5D..©...

Tira by Mama Africa Photography

** Moments de farniente **
** Moments de farniente ** by impatience_1

Jessy et Bella
Jessy et Bella by impatience_1

The Beast of Bushy Park.
The Beast of Bushy Park. by Pete 5D..©...

The Sumatran King.
The Sumatran King. by Pete 5D..©...

Red Deer - (Cervus-elaphus).
Red Deer - (Cervus-elaphus). by Pete 5D..©...

Jaguar Up Close & Personal
Jaguar Up Close & Personal by derene 8187

Contrast amongst  the fall colors
Contrast amongst the fall colors by Enjoy the journey...Not the Destination~

Oriental small-clawed otter
Oriental small-clawed otter by Blitzknips

Foggy Reflections
Foggy Reflections by Pete 5D..©...

River Teifi Otters..
River Teifi Otters.. by Andy Short

wild horses
wild horses by My Lens and Me

the red buoy
the red buoy by calamityjan2008

Moving Out
Moving Out by masaiwarrior

Randy by Bogger3.

childhood by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold

Red Deer (Cervus-elaphus)
Red Deer (Cervus-elaphus) by Pete 5D..©...

electra in color
electra in color by Nicolaas Hamid

The Approach.
The Approach. by dsands520

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep by My_Minds_Eye

Inquisitive & Learning
Inquisitive & Learning by MommaD photos

Sacred cow
Sacred cow by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold

Sunrise with the Horses
Sunrise with the Horses by Peter Muks Photography

501e2  wary look
501e2 wary look by jjjj56cp

G'Day Mate!
G'Day Mate! by Kanga2011

He's giving me that funny look again
He's giving me that funny look again by Bogger3.

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