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Monday, April 04, 2011


dncng by Eliel Freitas Jr

Entre chien et loup
Entre chien et loup by Solea20

Australia, Melbourne-84-1
Australia, Melbourne-84-1 by Tristan27

Untitled by Peterzpham

The Stair at Sunset
The Stair at Sunset by DavidFrutos

over loch lurgainn.
over loch lurgainn. by gordie broon.

FADED COLOURS by jawadn_99

brothers forever
brothers forever by -Ante-

Nau dos Corvos (I)
Nau dos Corvos (I) by Transmontano

Moonset At Pismo Beach
Moonset At Pismo Beach by Mimi Ditchie

Every existence would exist in Thee.
Every existence would exist in Thee. by ZedZaP

Come Fly With Me
Come Fly With Me by Kanga2011

Simple a Paradise
Simple a Paradise by Matilda Diamant

a stormy afternoon
a stormy afternoon by alexandros9

PfeifferBeachReflection by mjmalone54

today, at the lake....
today, at the lake.... by Dakota Harriet (internet problems)

Porth Kidney Sands(3),St.Ives Bay,Cornwall
Porth Kidney Sands(3),St.Ives Bay,Cornwall by john47kent

Venise sous la Neige
Venise sous la Neige by meteoscan33

Clodgy Point,St.Ives,Cornwall
Clodgy Point,St.Ives,Cornwall by john47kent

Getaria   -  {explored}
Getaria - {explored} by kypt@nuy

_MG_0606 by Kelvin_

sun peeping through the foliage
sun peeping through the foliage by alexandros9

Carrack Du (The Rocky Place),St.Ives,Cornwall
Carrack Du (The Rocky Place),St.Ives,Cornwall by john47kent

Sogno di una sera di mezzo inverno...
Sogno di una sera di mezzo inverno... by ilpiubello

Untitled by Susan Ham

Untitled by alexandros9

Nov-10-San Ramon
Nov-10-San Ramon by Dopetastic-Pix

Untouched nature...
Untouched nature... by xeniazup

Stairs to the other world... by xeniazup

Hiver by Solea20

Watching The Watchers. by john47kent

Untitled by alexandros9

tramonto di fine anno
tramonto di fine anno by leowincy

A fleur d'eau
A fleur d'eau by Solea20

A boat amongst the stilts for drying seaweed, Xiapu, Fujian by fish-bone

kiama by tugboat1952

morning in Mombasa
morning in Mombasa by Kelvin_

Untitled by B.Guillén

Porthmeor Beach from Man's Head
Porthmeor Beach from Man's Head by john47kent

Marlow Twilight
Marlow Twilight by WPK1054

Flood by mamietherese1

ceann loch ( loch lochy )
ceann loch ( loch lochy ) by gordie broon.

積丹の海 by tarotosh

Camel Rock at Sunset.
Camel Rock at Sunset. by Pete 5D....©

Enjoying the Silence...    {explored}
Enjoying the Silence... {explored} by kypt@nuy

Crashing Waves
Crashing Waves by MyRidgebacks

arkaig sunset. by gordie broon.

Iceberg's Size
Iceberg's Size by samdanluca

An den Nussberger Fischweihern by dorena-wm

re edit....river sunrise
re edit....river sunrise by tugboat1952

morning light
morning light by tugboat1952

the warm rays of the setting sun
the warm rays of the setting sun by alexandros9

68 of 365...Kiama morning
68 of 365...Kiama morning by tugboat1952

DSC_0120_1_2 by Schristia

Pêcheur de nuages
Pêcheur de nuages by Solea20

lavrio port at sunrise
lavrio port at sunrise by alexandros9

My heart was an open room
My heart was an open room by Inatil

silhouette by tugboat1952

misty oich.
misty oich. by gordie broon.

arkaig view.
arkaig view. by gordie broon.

Hays-Pond by kirwinj

back to duntelchaig.
back to duntelchaig. by gordie broon.

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