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Monday, March 21, 2011

Buildings and Bridges

De Blokker / Blokweerse Molen, Kinderdijk sunset by BraCom

Anzac Bridge from Blackwattle Bay by Alex Gunawan

voidomatis stone bridge in autumn by alexandros9

stone bridge by alexandros9

Ye Olde St.Iathes by john47kent

Close & Personal - The Gherkin by Pete 5D....©

Tulsa Reflections by Bill Oswald - Tulsa

The Leaning Tower of Gherkin by Pete 5D....©

The Jefferson Memorial, DC. by Deno Langis - OFF!!!

early morning light in the ghats of varanasi by alexandros9

Löwenburg im Bergpark Kassel - Wilhelmshöhe. by Haldorfer

Opera Reflections at Night - Stuttgart, Germany by Batikart

st. matthew's church by yujapi

Le pont des amours by Solea20

Uppsala castle by filodiniz

Florence Duomo by Night by David Morse

Across the The River Thames by Brando

Flânerie dans les rues by Solea20

Windmill @ Kinderdijk by DolliaSH

Chained Rings by PJ Resnick

Charmeuse by Solea20

Scorcio di Roma by DANY1926

Lights At Dusk ZhenYuan Old Town Kaili GuiZhou CHINA by andyyleung

Plymouth Devon by john47kent

Consert hall, Danish Radio, Copenhagen by Jakob Arnholtz

old warehouses by tarotosh

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