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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Something green

Here are some images containing the color of green.
Since the spring has arrived at most places in the Northern hemisphere, it is always nice to see the green.

Bishop's Palace

Fading Fence

Aylesford Bridge, Aylesford, Kent

ghost dog

Behind the leaves....


Porthminster Beach,St.Ives,Cornwall

The anatomy of Cactus thorns

No one will find me here !!

Sunlight by tomato umlaut

The dance of transplantation

smoke on the water

Yellow Aloe Vera... the garden plant we run to for mosquito bites and burns


Looking into the sunlit, thorny world of Agave americana

When rape blossoms bloom

Two Drops

Spring In NJ

Aspire to reach the top

Our secret garden

hop off

Blossom Path

The eye


Through the desert on a horse with no name

" Qui suis je ...? "

scambio fiorito

Cielo y Tierra se Ven.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely collection of superb shot!