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Monday, August 24, 2009

Damn! Let's just fly away.

Avoiding Reality by ldmadeson

low flying eagle by scotty94

2007 01 02 (45ce) Gannets @ Muriwai-300d-10 by Terry Hollis

Starlings_On the wing_For my belle by clive_reedman

The Look: Blue Steel by stephanrudolph

Robin with Wings Outstretched by colinzclement

Preening the New by reverendjms

wings of darkness by arnab_sarkar

Whispers by melepix

Speaking by maryshelsby

Bird___1 by jimpg2_Peace

i looking at you [jay] by coral.hen4800

Fringuello by Teone!

Tailgating by PHOTO BY TOM

Snow Owl... by Rockebilly

Sharing... by Blue-Sky Pink

Bald Eagle profile, AK by moelynphotos

Elegance by ~Terrie K~

mi รจ semblato di vedele un gatto by DanielaNob

untitled by Blobber

Egrets Fishing by Tony Pratt DE Photographer

Robin-2-w by kirwinj

two heads are better than one by ~Terrie K~

DPP_0020 by carsonrequest

mates for ever swans by coral.hen4800

Rainbo Lorikeet by CB 357

beginning by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold

untitled by go2tonni

Ring-billed Gull 35 by TexasEagle

Oh What a Feeling! [Explored] by soccersc

Summerville Hummingbird by soccersc

Balance by Holyirishman

Tufted Titmouse by naturelover2007

IMGS_4419 - kings by re_lepage

las garzas sobre las nubes by soy sissi

Feeling on top of the world! by Mukumbura

Cardinalis Cardinalis by jelrdan

Watchful Eye by R.A.W.

Magnificent One - Great Blue Heron in Breeding Plummage by Kittyseye

Great Blue Heron with Fish ( er... fishie ) by Kittyseye

Great Egret Chick by Kittyseye

Henrietta's friend by leelf62

Spikey 'do ( Brown Pelican / Pelecanus occidentalis ) by Kittyseye

a touch of gold by ©orin@ 2008

Gaviotas by GasBO79

Splashing Egret by Tony Pratt DE Photographer

Fly my friend by Peters nik.

Snowy Egret Ruffles It's Feathers by MommaD photos

In bloom. by Scooter_72

Mona Lisa of the Bird World......... by Natures Haven

Delaware Bay Shorebirds by Tony Pratt DE Photographer

nuthatch on green by 1booker

Bird Bokeh by ~Terrie K~

Optimism by Hillman Photographics

IMG_6586 - jump by re_lepage

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