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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Damn! This group loves their birds!!!

“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best”.   Henry Van Dyke


Macareux Moine / Atlantic Puffin / AP-253

Macareux Moine / Atlantic Puffin / AP-253

Jaseur D'amérique / Cedar Waxwing / AQ-250b

Jaseur D’amérique / Cedar Waxwing /AQ-250b  -- both by michelphoto53


The big fish- highest explore # 32

The big fish by eyesplash Mikul


Greater Flameback (male) - Chrysocolaptes lucidus

Greater Flameback (male) - Chrysocolaptes lucidus by Mike (NO captive birds) in Thailand


Drake Mallard

Drake Mallard by JRIDLEY1


Colourful duo

Colorful duo by Rivertay


Anyone Home?

Anyone Home by Doug_Cook



2008_12_11_070 by doyler2008


Saddlebilled Storch

Saddlebilled Storch by Wild Dogger


430_2008 (Eye)

430_2008 (Eye)


411-2008 both by jimpg2


“HEY, What am I doing here?!?!!!  Is this kitty heaven”?


Jasmijn by Cajaflez


Northern Cardinal - Cardinalis Cardinalis

Northern Cardinal by 700frames


In Flight

In Flight by Westy Photography


I'm lookin at ya

I’m lookin at ya by melepix



gaviota2 by tripiton35



01 by johnny (Nikon D40)


Singing Sparrow

Singing Sparrow by Eric_Z


Robin on blue cedar

Robin on blue cedar by hawkgenes


WHAT is that I see…? oh, dear those birds are everywhere…yippee!

My Little Lion

My Little Lion by ~Terrie K ~


‘Birdy friends, I think we should get outta here -- NOW”!!!


Robin by trevgrant 88

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